woooo finally :-)

Anonymous asked: Stop driving around town holding your horn, you weird lady. :>

How rude of you to accuse me :-(

Nutella pizza hell yea

Caught a right flipping cold, ruining all my plans :-( gotta take Ben to the doctors today to find out what’s up with him :-( hope it’s nothing major bless his little wheels. Got till trained at work last night finally wahooo:-)

Getting pulled by the police on way to Alton towers for speeding when jake and Kai were rolling joints in back of my car has to be the most scariest moment of my life. Almost died ;_;

Feels so strange to be so comfortable with someone again. Too many confusing emotions, why isn’t life simple >:-(

The only picture I have returned with from last night


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Can’t wait for tomorrow and Monday hgdgkytfdgjk :-D

lack of sleep is making me question life

aw hahahaha

Whatever convinced me to go to shandons last night when I have work in the morning I’ll never know. Managed to fall off decking and cut my back and gain 3 hours sleep :’(

Take me back :-(

had the *~*”sickest”*~* weekend ever wi jilly chris and kai. defo needs to be made a regular thing. bed feels like the best place in the world right now hmmhmhmm :-)

Having no sleep what so ever and realising you still need to pack cos u go away tomorrow wtf :-(