1000miles in 10 days, r bens a solja xox

Been playing runescape with jake all night, it’s 5am daylight where the hell did all that time go

went to see spider man 3d at cinema last night and it was reyt good, my boyfriend has never looked so perfect xox

da hell

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don’t actually know how people comfort eat. when i’m upset my body doesn’t even have an appetite (which is super abnormal for me and food is the light of my life), and if i eat anything my body just want’s to throw it back up. dunno what my problem is 

flipping’ feelings, what you playing at?

fifth day in a row of work, can’t wait to have the day off tomorrow. this weather is making life tragic because we have nothing better to do than drive around and waste petrol in ben :-( where is the sun when you need it you are ruining all my plans

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Serious lack of sleep :-( dunno how I’m gunna survive work and so much sewing to do. Wah!

Stayin at cristos tonight to watch Jurassic park. I have very low expectations of this film

best day eva xox

Just got into Alton towers for free HELL YEA !!!

alton towers tomorrow hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! ! !